Swiggler Gaming

A boad game company with a straight forward mission.

We create and help with the creation of board games.

01. Self Creation

We are constantly working on new game ideas here at Swiggler Gaming. Check out our most recent creations at swigglergaming.com/games.

02. Product Endorsement

We help creators navigate the steps to creating and publishing their own games, and offer to endorse, promote, and sell newly create board games and card games. To submit your game idea, visit swigglergaming.com/submission.

03. Creator Support

Creating a board game can be a difficult process. We make it our top priority to help those going through this process in any way we can. To see our public resources and free services, visit swigglergaming.com/resources.


Our games decisively combine both classic and modern concepts, creating a fun and engaging experience for players of all ages.

Tap into these creations by trying out our first board game - covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.